Quality assurance commitment
Us AVAVALVE valve products have passed IS09000 series quality system certification, improve the operation of the quality system to ensure the quality of the production, procurement, design, manufacturing to delivery using each link equipment under control.
The United States AVAVALVE valve products factory test strictly according to the requirements of the standard ISO5208, test results up to grade A leak standard, can meet the requirements of zero leakage, can be absolutely guaranteed in the use of no leakage.
We guarantee that the goods are new, not used, is a first-class technology, the best materials and advanced CNC CNC machine tools made.
Warranty period for the goods to the site for 12 months from the date of acceptance.
After-sale service
American valve fluid control company solemn promise: we AVAVALVE products in the quality assurance period of internal product quality issues free warranty or replacement. After the warranty expires to provide preferential price of spare parts and wearing parts, special tools for the user, and provide other services needed by the user.
Product delivery, the company in a timely manner to submit complete and clear construction drawings, construction materials and related technical documents.
In the product installation and commissioning period, the user can request me to send a professional engineer to the field free service.
Within the warranty period of quality problems, we guarantee to give a reply within 12 hours, the major issues within 24 hours to send service personnel to the scene to deal with the problem. We will be responsible for repairing or replacing free of charge due to the quality problems caused by the factory. After the warranty period or damage caused by the user causes the product parts, we will actively assist the repair or replacement.
During the operation of our products, we will follow the investigation of the equipment and pay a regular return visit to the users.
Us valve fluid control company at any time to accept the user's help and provide technical support for the user.
United States valve fluid control company China headquarters technical center contact phone: