AVA owned a complete process line from machining, assembling and testing process. Every AVA designed product with good performance of high or low temperature, corrosion and high pressure resistance. Guaranteed by High Precision machining level and strict quality control system, high quality AVA valve can be adopted under any tough operating conditions.


With the customer, supplier, and all staff’s attention and entrust, each AVA member is hard working and full of thankfulness, we will never seek temporary interest by sacrifice product quality. But in continued research and development of new products and constant pursuit of better production technique, never cease to enrich the connotation of the AVA brand and will forever seek for improving our services!


R&D and innovation have injected dynamic into the whole company, whose R&D expertise panel is devoting their efforts to the study on control valves to fit into special, complex, or harsh working conditions, to meet the demands by varied clients throughout the entire industry, and to implement our philosophy on technology into all stages during manufacturing.


What the AVA staff have been longing for and trying on is to get even better, towards perfection. So every order we are undertaken is again a promise we make, to live up to the words by our own hands and to win over the trust by our sincerity. Every valve will be carefully examined and tested before delivered to our clients, which is by a strong sense of responsibility by AVA .


AVA values efforts by each of our staff! There are safe and satisfying working conditions created, enjoyable and pleasant environment assured, fair and harmonious communication established. The earnest and positive cooperation with suppliers, on the other hand, has enabled AVA to reach higher goals.