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AVA valve INC is founded 1980 by Dr. Stephen.Raymond in Monterey Park America. It Mainly to production and sale of international leading shut-off valve and control valve. Its main industries involved in the petrochemical, coal chemical, chemical,power plant ,metallurgy, light industry, municipal, etc.. After many years of development, Avavalve has a number of modern production base in Europe, and become the world's leading supplier of equipment and service providers.
2012, Avavalve came to China and established administrative office in Guangzhou, as the headquarters of the China, to provide more convenient and efficient service for Chinese customers. We will afford the world's leading Avavalve products to the Chinese market, as always, let users enjoy the quick and safe sense from advanced technology .

You can fully trust our USA Avavalve brand and professional,.And it is our greatest honor to provide you high quality products and services.